Chosen By Spirit Lottery Procedure

Thank you for your interest in Lisa Scrivens' Wait List. Due to the overwhelming number of appointment inquires, we have had to set up a scheduling system that can best be explained as a lottery

Once you submit your request for the wait list, you will be added to a pool of names. Every month, starting in January 2017, names will be drawn at random and those people will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Since the drawing is random, we can’t give an accurate estimate regarding the wait period for a reading, and being entered into the list does not guarantee an appointment.

To ensure fairness for everyone, there is only one entry per person. Duplicate entries will be automatically removed.

Once entered into the drawing, you will remain entered until your name is selected for scheduling. Re-entry is allowable after your reading date. 

The random drawing of names for appointments occurs continuously throughout the month. We’ll do our best to provide advance notice once your name has been selected for an appointment. Once we contact you, we’ll offer several possible days and times you may select from Lisa's schedule. At this time, evening and weekend appointments are not available.

Due to the new scheduling set-up, booked appointments cannot be rescheduled.


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